Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge Award

Interactive Gesture Camera

Interactive Gesture Camera.

We just won $1000 – One Thousand US Dollars! Awesome! Thank you Intel!

During the time of December 17th to February 20th Intel held the Perceptual Computing Challenge Phase 1. I entered “Google Earth Controller”, an application demonstrating touch-free navigation of Google Earth utilizing an Interactive Gesture Camera and the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK.

It allows you to fly like Superman across Earth or other planets while staying seated in your favorite chair! See video below.

Yesterday afternoon the winners were announced and Team “W” is happy that “Google Earth Controller” was awarded with Second Place. While this was just a weekend warm-up hack we are getting ready for Phase 2 of the challenge. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge Award

  1. Carol Mirenda

    Congratulations Martin! Nice video, Devy! I like the prize check in the background. 🙂 I liked what you did. I really enjoyed going to the moon! The perceptual museum was underwhelming, perhaps I did not see a video that showed all of its capabilities. By the way, wonderful B&W cover photo of SF!!

  2. admin

    Thank you Carol! Expect more to come 😀
    And – wow – you just made the first non-spam comment on the blog 😀

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