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SMS Audio Headphones with Heart Rate Monitor

I was going to open up and post a picture of one package a day from the stack on my desk. ๐Ÿ™‚ Today’s surprise are SMS Audio headphones: โ€ชattendees of the Intel Developer Forum ’14 got these nice smart headphones with heart rate monitor in their christmas mail. Thank you, Intel!

SMS Audio Smart Headphones

SMS Audio Smart Headphones

Lidar lite

Earlier in 2014 I backed a kickstarter project and I was very excited, the project made the stretch goal to build lasers into these range finders. Today I opened up the box on my desk, that arrived recently and I am really excited to test out the range finders, their precision, and their usability for robotic applications. I will post updates with more info soon.

Lidar Lite

Lidar Lite

Intel Software Innovator

Today I feel very excited to be recognized by Intel as a member of the Intel Software Innovator Program. ๐Ÿ˜€

Throughout 2014 I participated in multiple partner showcases with Intel demonstrating the Cubotix Rover with Intel Perceptual Computing technology. In appreciation of my efforts I received a little welcome package with a certificate of recognition, a thank you letter, a USB “key”, a beautiful white notebook, a cool black polo shirt, and my new favorite coffee mug to refuel with caffeine. ๐Ÿ™‚

How-to allow Mac OS X’s Gatekeeper to run an unsigned application

Eclipse sandboxed by Mac OS X Gatekeeper.

Eclipse sandboxed by Mac OS X Gatekeeper.

After I recently reinstalled my MacBook Air with Mac OS X Mavericks, I encountered for the first time Gatekeeper – the sandbox, that won’t allow to run applications from unverified sources to improve Mac OS X security. However that also excludes the commonly used IDE Eclipse.

Problem: Eclipse (or other application) won’t launch in Mac OS X Mavericks.

Solution: delete extended quarantine attribute – which probably Safari or Finder added after the download. Enter the following command in the Terminal to allow Eclipse to launch.

$ xattr -d

This way you can leave the sandbox in place and only add exceptions for applications, that you cannot live without. For further information on and graphical configuration options of Gatekeeper check out this Ars Technica article.

Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge Award

Interactive Gesture Camera

Interactive Gesture Camera.

We just won $1000 – One Thousand US Dollars! Awesome! Thank you Intel!

During the time of December 17th to February 20th Intel held the Perceptual Computing Challenge Phase 1. I entered “Google Earth Controller”, an application demonstrating touch-free navigation of Google Earth utilizing an Interactive Gesture Camera and the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK.

It allows you to fly like Superman across Earth or other planets while staying seated in your favorite chair! See video below.

Yesterday afternoon the winners were announced and Team “W” is happy that “Google Earth Controller” was awarded with Second Place. While this was just a weekend warm-up hack we are getting ready for Phase 2 of the challenge. Stay tuned!

Apple Scholarship for WWDC 2012

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is an exciting event providing an in-depth and inside look at the latest in iOS and OS X. Tickets are always high in demand and have sold out within two hours this year. In addition to the regular tickets, which sold for $1599, Apple accepted applications for one of 150 scholarships.

I have been very excited all day when I received an email from Apple granting me a scholarship to attend WWDC 2012. Thank you, Apple!

Scholarship notification email for WWDC2012

Scholarship notification email for WWDC2012